Kitchens in homes have evolved greatly with time. It is no longer a place solely for cooking, cleaning fruits and vegetables or cleaning utensils etc. Modular kitchens are in vogue now, particularly in apartments, as they help in creating lots of space in the small area. Every bit of space is utilized in these kitchen setups so that not an inch goes wasted. Along with the modular kitchen setup, the kitchen interiors should be done in a manner so that the whole setup looks like a complete unit. Installation of the right kitchen accessories like cabinets, shutters etc also enhance the appearance of the kitchen.

Modular kitchen shutters are the most important factor to be considered while designing a kitchen, because the wrong choice could spoil the look of your kitchen forever. ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen offers a fabulous range of kitchen shutter design in a variety of materials, and in a range of finishes including Sunshine Shutters, Lacquered, Post Form, Veneer, Laminate, Solid Wood, Acrylic, Edge-Banding and Marine Ply. ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen offers more than 400 shutter options.

Playing with Kitchen Interiors-be spoilt for choices:

Taking a look at the vast collections of kitchen shutters from ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen is surely going to leave you spoilt for choices. While some shutters come in solid, bold colors; others come in floral and stripes and other designs. The shutters should be such that that they deliver convenience and style simultaneously. They should be easy to close and open and most importantly convenient to clean. Choose suitable borders for the shutters as they will enhance the beauty of the kitchen wardrobe designs significantly. While some borders will be of the same material as the shutter, some borders are of different materials to highlight the beauty.

Features of Kitchen shutters

While looking at any cabinet or other storage option, the first thing that comes to notice is the door, also referred to as 'shutter' in many places. Along with hinged or sliding shutters, rolling kitchen shutters are gaining immense popularity with people. Shutters have options of opening horizontally or vertically as per preference. The designing possibilities in kitchens expand to great extent with such shutters. Without proper shutters, cabinets will basically become non-functional. Store things in a cabinet and keep them safe with durable and good quality shutters.

Different Kinds of Materials Used in Manufacturing of Kitchen Shutters

The materials used in manufacturing shutters for modular kitchens vary from one another. Some of the most common materials include acrylic, solid wood, laminates, membrane, PU coated etc. Choose the material that is in sync with your kitchen wardrobe design settings and interiors. Add panache and style to your kitchen with right choice of shutter material. Also make sure to choose the right finishing of the shutter. While some materials look good with high gloss finish or light gloss finish, some materials look sophisticated with matte finish. A vibrant kitchen will look good with gloss finished shutters while the subtle ones will be happier with matte finish ones.


ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen is high end kitchen solution provider. We provide a better quality Kitchen solutions, where one has the choice to select each and every module of their kitchen that meets not only the standards but also exact necessitates & requirements.

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