There are hardly any homes now that flaunt large kitchens. Now kitchens need to be smart and compact and for that there is no better alternative than installing kitchen cabinets. The cabinets help in keeping the kitchens greatly organized and clutter-free. The cabinets design should be such that they should fit well into small spaces. While some cabinets have shelves and racks, some do not have the same. The sizes and shapes of the cabinets also vary depending on the requirements and the kitchen interiors. Smart looking cabinet designs can bring complete makeover to the so-called boring kitchen.

Explore ABC Sleek Modular Kitchens to find the best kitchen cabinet designs:

For finding the ideal kitchen cabinets design, there is no need to go to any other place than ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen. The company manufactures cabinets in wide varieties of shapes, sizes and patterns so that they fit in all kinds of kitchens. Some of the most popular varieties of cabinets include wall cabinet, gas cabinet, wall corner cabinet (utilizing the corner space as well), aqua guard cabinet, dish rack cabinet, tambour cabinet, radius cabinet, microwave cabinet and so on. Made from the finest materials, all these cabinets are high on durability and great on aesthetic appeal.

Major application areas of Indian kitchen cabinets

Cabinets used in Indian kitchens are mainly for storage purpose. The modern kitchen cabinets are stylish and add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen considerably. Here are some popular applications of the cabinets:

  • Storing cereal grains to prevent infestation from insects and other pests
  • Storing condiments and spices to avoid moisture affecting them
  • Keeping utensils and cookery items to keep them clean and free from stickiness of oil
  • Keeping kitchen cleaners, dish washing soaps and other chemicals safely away from reach of children
  • Choosing the right materials for Kitchen cabinets

    As the name implies, modular kitchen cabinets are an integral part of a modular kitchen. It is important to make the right choice of materials for the cabinets in such kitchens so that they remain high on utility factor and be in sync with the kitchen interiors. Wooden cabinets are a good option but you have to ensure that they are duly maintained to retain their looks and appeal. Steel and aluminum cabinets are also very popular in kitchens as they give a very smart and sophisticated look. Just ensure that they do not develop scratches and are cleaned regularly. Wooden cabinets with metal borders or vice versa are developing as popular choices with people

    Half Tall Unit

    Sink Cabinet

    Gas Cabinet

    Gas Cabinet (blind-corner)

    Wall Cabinet

    Wall Blind Corner Cabinet

    Wall Corner Cabinet

    Dish Rack Cabinet

    Aqua Guard Cabinet

    Microwave Cabinet

    Radius Cabinet

    Tambour Cabinet

    Base Cabinet

    Tall Unit

    Hob Cabinet

    Corner Cabinet (l-shaped)

    ABC Sleek Modular Kitchen is high end kitchen solution provider. We provide a better quality Kitchen solutions, where one has the choice to select each and every module of their kitchen that meets not only the standards but also exact necessitates & requirements.

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